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AC5JC Weather: Waco, TX

91.7°F – 4 mph E
Thu, Jun 4 4:06 PM
Heat Index 98.9°F

Sunrise: 6:23 AM • Sunset: 8:31 PM
Moon: 97% Full 

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Thanks to KWTX    ( 4 Jun 2020 04:05 pm)
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From Sean Bellafiore:

Hot weather continues to be the story across Central Texas and temperatures are going to slowly rise as we move through the weekend. Mostly clear skies today will allow morning temperatures in the 70s to warm into the low to mid 90s later this afternoon. Unlike yesterday, no real shot at any precipitation anywhere in Central Texas. Tomorrow temperatures will be back in the mid-90s again with mostly clear skies and this weekend will feature temperatures in the mid-90s too. Tropical Storm Cristobal many get close enough to our area on Sunday to spark a stray shower or two near I-45, but rain chances are only near 20%.

The most likely impacts from tropical storm Cristobal come in the form of a HOT day Tuesday. West and southwesterly winds behind Cristobal in addition to sinking air from Cristobal should send temperatures into the triple digits. As a dry line moves in and a cold front approaches from the north temperatures behind the dryline will likely range from 103 to potentially as high as 110 degrees. Ahead of the dryline, temperatures will likely be a little bit cooler but slightly more humid with highs ranging from 98° to 102°. Temperatures near 110° are not likely right now but could happen if the dry line moves through and the cold front approaches during the afternoon as we reach peak heating. Fortunately, the dry line likely won’t spark thunderstorms but some rain is possible Tuesday night as the front moves in.

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