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AC5CV Weather: Waco, TX
70.7°F — SE @ 4.3 mph
as of 2016-10-24 22:09:08

Lat 31° 33.90' N, Lon 097° 11.88' W, Alt 570 feet
Sunrise: 07:38:44  •  Sunset: 18:46:37  •  MoonPhase: Last quarter (27% full)
Raspberry Pi serving my weather station

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*Using an old android phone, running IP Webcam
connected only by home wifi.
Thanks to KWTX       (as of 24 Oct 2016 10:00 pm)
Warmer Than Normal Trend This Week!

From Rusty Garrett:

If you're eagerly anticipating cooler weather to arrive, you may have to wait a while. High clouds remain overhead Tuesday as high temperatures, once again, climb into the lower and middle 80s. Overnight lows remain in the low and middle 60s.

By the middle of the week, expect a bit more sunshine. Unfortunately, that means high temperatures climb even higher and stay nearly 10 above average through the weekend.

Although Central Texas has seen some light rain Sunday and Monday, it hasn't done much to cut into our monthly rainfall deficit. By the end of October, we should have received 3.9" of rainfall. In 2016, Central Texas has seen only .22" of rain. That number will likely not grow as long range model data suggests our next best chance of rain may not be until November.

Current weather images (from KWTX):

Regional Satellite Map from KWTX
Regional Satellite-Radar

Waco Forecast Graphic from KWTX
Extended Forecast
Waco Pollen Counts from KWTX
Pollen Count Graphic

National Temperature Map from KWTX
National Temperature Map
Radar image from KWTX
Animated Radar (Waco, TX)
(requires Web access)

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