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AC5CV Weather: Waco, TX
74.8 F     1.0 mph from E

04/23/15    21:49:10

31.565°N    97.198°W    ~570 ft
Sunrise: 06:52 — Sunset: 20:03 — Moon: Waxing 29% Full
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NWS Hourly Data
for Waco
Temperature: 74.8 F 
Wind Chill: 74.8 F 
Heat Index: 74.8 F 
Apparent Temp: 83.7 F 
Dewpoint: 73.3 F 
Humidity: 95 % 
Barometer: 29.753  in -
Wind: E  at   1.0  mph
High Wind: 14.0 mph at 20:27
Recent Avg Wind: 2.0 mph 
Recent Beaufort Scale: Light Air 
Today's Rain: 0.00  in
Rain Rate: 0.00  in/hr
High Rain Rate: 0.00 in/hr at -----
Storm Total: 0.00  in
Monthly Rain: 6.19  in
Yearly Rain (JAN): 17.36  in
Air Density: 1.170  kg/m^3
Est. Cumulus Base: 350  ft
Maxima (Highs)
Temperature: 86.5 F at 16:51
Heat Index: 93.3 F at 16:52
Humidity: 99 % at 00:01
Dewpoint: 75.4 F at 10:35
Barometer: 29.941 in at 10:56
Minima (Lows)
Temperature: 65.5 F at 00:01
Wind Chill: 65.5 F at 00:01
Humidity: 62 % at 16:07
Dewpoint: 65.2 F at 00:01
Barometer: 29.749 in at 21:12
Thanks to KWTX:

Storm Chances Remain!

From Rusty Garrett:

By the middle of the afternoon this Thursday, storms had already fired out near Lampasas and this was the first salvo of what is due to be an active late afternoon and evening of stormy weather again in our area.

As was the case on Wednesday, storms will contain the potential of hail and high winds as they move in from the west.

Friday is expected to be yet another active day of storms and more widespread coverage is expected. By late Friday, the storms should exit to the east and that gives promise of dry, storm-free weather for at least the first half of the weekend!

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Regional Satellite Map from KWTX
Regional Satellite-Radar

Waco Forecast Graphic from KWTX
Extended Forecast
Waco Pollen Counts from KWTX
Pollen Count Graphic

National Temperature Map from KWTX
National Temperature Map
Radar image from KWTX
Animated Radar (Waco, TX)
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